For Owners & Admins

These settings affect the entire team, and they will only be visible to Team owners and admins. Any changes made here will affect the whole team.

How many Karma points to award

Don't forget to setup the Karma points for your team. As a default Ariv will award 1 karma point to the team member whose contribution earned a positive feedback for an answer provided by Ariv to someone's question. Ariv will also award a point to the person who provides feedback for Ariv's answers, positive or negative. You can choose how many points to award for each of those activities for your team.

Either invoke the Karma points command from the command line, or from on the Ariv Dashboard. Note that the Karma points setting will only be available to Team Owners and Admins, other team members will not be able to see this setting in their dashboards.

Adding FAQs and bootstrapping knowledge to Ariv?

Ariv gets better with every interaction, so at the start it may not have enough knowledge to be very useful to your team. You can upload question answer pairs for commonly asked questions or some universal FAQ's that you want Ariv to be able to serve up if someone asks a question. When a user asks a question that has a response available in this uploaded FAQ, Ariv will use this as the ground truth and respond only with the quoted response. Here is a sample FAQ CSV file for the correct upload format.

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