📖Add, Show or Remove

Use the following commands to curate the list of topics that interest you. Ariv will find relevant messages for the list of topics you provide and deliver a digest of these message when you want them.


This is the command for telling Ariv what topic interest you. All users in the workspace can use this command to setup their own list of topics.

/ariv-add-interest Artificial Intelligence

This command will add the topic Artificial Intelligence to the list of topics that Ariv maintains for you.


This is the command to use when you want to see the list of topics that Ariv is maintaining for you.


Just type the command or select it from the list, and press enter. Ariv will then display the current list of topics that she's tracking for you.


No longer interested in a particular topic, just tell ariv with this command to remove that topic from the list that Ariv is tracking for you.

/ariv-remove-interest Artificial Intelligence

This example will remove the Artificial Intelligence topic from your list, if it was there previously. You can only remove topics that had previously been added.

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