Ariv for Microsoft Teams

All the help you need to get started with using Ariv for Microsoft teams. If you have a question or can't find what you are looking for, send us an email on

Installing Ariv for MS Teams

Installing Ariv is simple, first just find the app in the Microsoft Teams App store, the app store icon is usually found at the bottom left of the Teams screen. Open the app store and search for, you should see the following screen.

Step 2 - Click on the Ariv App Card, and proceed with the installation as instructed. Remember you need to be a team owner or an admin to be able to correctly install and use Ariv within Microsoft Teams. If you run in to issues, please check your level of access for the Team that you wish to install Ariv for, if that doesn't resolve the issue just drop us a note on and an eager beaver will be glad to assist you. The most important part of step 2 is to click on the little down arrow next to Add, to reveal the "Add to team" option, since Ariv works best with teams you must install Ariv in a team. Ariv currently will not work as a stand alone app if you just click Add. We are working on making this step simpler so you'll be the first to know when this work around is addressed.

Or just click on this link to start the app installation process directly

Remember Ariv only works within Public teams, she doesn't snoop around DMs, private teams or group messages. This is why when you are prompted to choose the team you will only find public teams, that any member of your organisation can join, in the list.

If everything goes well Ariv will be waiting for you inside Microsoft Teams. Remember that conversations between you and Ariv are completely private, none of that data is shared with any other party. Go ahead ask Ariv a question, or setup karma points for the team and perhaps look into configuring some areas of interest so Ariv can keep tabs on those conversations for you.

To expand the scope of Ariv's knowledge you can add ariv to more teams and note that Ariv gets smarter with every interaction. You can boot strap ariv's knowledge and ability to answer questions by uploading question answer pairs for commonly asked questions an FAQ if you will.

Help on how to interact with Ariv is available right inside Microsoft Teams - just start typing or explore the app tabs at the top to see what Ariv is all about.

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