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Ariv for Slack

All the help you need to get started with using Ariv for Slack. If you have a question or can't find what you are looking for, send us an email on [email protected]

The installation Process

Ariv is now available in the Slack app directory. To install Ariv in your workspace you will need to have admin or owner level permissions for your workspace . Start the installation process by searching for in the Slack App directory or clicking on this direct install link .
Click on Sign in to install from the Slack App directory
If all permissions are valid, you will see this page, click on Allow and be re-directed to your Slack App or logged into your Slack Web App, where Ariv will be waiting for you. See this for troubleshooting any permission issue(s) in case you run into issues during installation.
Make sure that you are logged into the right Slack Workspace before you click Allow to install Ariv.
Cross your fingers and hope to see the following screen, if all goes well, the following screen will let you choose the channels that you want Ariv to monitor. Dont' worry you can change the Setup instructions, after logging into slack as well, just follow the instructions.
click on the grey list, to see all the channels, Ariv selects all public channels in the workspace by default
Click on the channel name to select or de-select it, once you are happy click on continue to Slack