Using Ariv inside Slack

How to use ariv, and get things done inside your Slack workspace

How do I add Ariv to a Slack Channel

By default at the time of installation Ariv will be added to all public Slack channels in your workspace. A workspace administrator and/or owner can use the /ariv-set-channel to select which channels you want Ariv to work in.


How do I add topics that I am interested in to receive timely updates from Ariv?

Ariv captures your interest when you use the following command /ariv-add-interest followed by topic of your interest. Once Ariv captures this, you can set your own cycle for when to receive the message digest for your list of topics with the command /ariv-notify, every 15 minutes, every hour or at a predetermined time each day.

πŸ“–Add, Show or Remove

How does the notification feature work

No one likes interruptions while they work, you can set the frequency of the message digest that ariv sends you for the list of topics that you are interested in. Use the /ariv-notification-cycle slash command to set the frequency to what you want.

πŸ””Digest notification

How do I remove topics that I am no longer interested in?

When circumstances change and you are no longer interested in a topic, removing it from your list is just as easy as adding it. Just use the /ariv-interest-remove command followed by the topic name to remove it. Once Ariv confirms the removal, you will no longer receive alerts about messages about that topic. You can see what topics you are interested in by using the /add-interest-show command.

πŸ“–Add, Show or Remove

How do I check the topics that I have subscribed for

You can see the topics you have subscribed to by using the command /ariv-interest-show you can add new topics using /ariv-add-interest and remove what no longer interests you with /ariv-remove

How can Ariv help you find answers from various channels?

To fetch answers for the questions that may be available in public Slack channels you can use the command /ariv-answer followed by the question. Ask don’t search, just frame the question like you would when you ask a colleague.

How does the Ariv leaderboard work?

The leaderboard is a feature used to see who the top knowledge contributors across your workspace are. You can use the command /ariv-leaderboard, to see the current state of the leaderboard. The workspace administrator and/or owner can adjust how many β€œKarma” points are awarded for each useful knowledge nugget. Points are automatically awarded to users whose message was used by Ariv to derive an answer to a question posed to it and if that answer was confirmed as being helpful to the person who asked it.

How do I add an External database for Ariv to fetch answers from?

This feature is currently available in the form of a CSV import for question answer pairs, we are working on a more robust integration with other knowledge bases and other sources of knowledge. If you want a specific integration with your Wiki or Knowledge base, please contact the ariv support team and we’ll try to fast track development for that integration - At the moment only workspace administrator and/or owners can use the @ariv FAQImport - command to import the CSV file and process it into Ariv.

How does the Ariv leaderboard work?

Ariv currently awards points for every interaction that is posted by a user, the leaderboard is reset every week so you can see who the most active users were during the week.

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