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Commonly asked questions about Ariv for Slack

What is Ariv? is an intelligent knowledge bot that helps you stay organized and find information that you need from Slack channels and messages without having to search for it. Ariv can also keep track of what interests you send you a digest of these messages at your convenience.

Now that I’ve added Ariv to my Slack workspace, what next?

Awesome! You can configure the channels that Ariv has access to (/ariv-configure-channel) , as well as setup how you want to award “Karma” points for useful knowledge nuggets from team members (/ariv-karma-configure). Once thats up and running, feel free to add some topics of interest (/ariv-interest-add) and schedule when you want to receive your daily digest (/ariv-notification-cycle)

Who can see Ariv’s answers?

This question & answer will be visible only to the user who asked the question.

Can I ask Ariv questions in any channel?

Yes. Users can ask questions in Public Channel as well as directly with Ariv. use the /ariv_answer slash command followed by the question to ask Ariv.

Does everyone in my team workspace need to install Ariv? Does every user in the workspace need to have ariv installed?

No, once Ariv is installed in the workspace and given access to chosen channels it will be available to all the users within the workspace. You may however need to find and favorite it so you can use ariv more regularly on your channel list. The slash commands are available across all channels that Ariv has access to. Just type /ariv-help and press enter to see what you can do with Ariv.

Why can’t Ariv find an answer to my question?

:oh: Though it is unlikely, Ariv may not be able to find an answer for your question if there are no relevant messages to address your question in the channels that Ariv has access to. Unfortunately the only way to get that resolved is if a colleague answers your question in a channel that Ariv has access to, so in future when you or someone else asks that question, Ariv will have an answer handy.

How accurate and reliable are the answers?

Ariv goes through the data shared across the channels which Ariv is allowed to search for the relevant answer and fetches back a answer for you. When Ariv answers your question, you will know just where she found it making her more reliable. Through machine learning, Ariv continuously learns and improves.

We utilize your Knowledge Graph -- created primarily from your conversations, and the relations therein -- along with deep learning -- the current trend being transformers -- to traverse conversations, analyse their contribution to an answer and choose the best reasoning path to finally give an answer with what was found relevant. Using your feedback, Ariv's learning is continuously reinforced to discourage faulty reasoning and encourage correct reasoning

Where is the Knowledge Graph stored, does it count against my slack storage limit?

The knowledge graph which contains the interaction context in the form of nodes and edges is stored on our North American Amazon Web services cloud, storage consumed by the knowledge graph does not count against your slack storage limit.

Does Ariv store the data in a knowledge base/database?

Yes Ariv extracts context and knowledge from messages posted in channels that it has access to. This context and knowledge is stored in a knowledge graph that is unique to each customer on our secure AWS cloud. This storage does not consume your slack storage, nor does it affect your slack storage limits, nor is this data accessible to anyone else, including Aikon Labs Private Limited.

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