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How do I set up or configure Ariv for my team in Microsoft Teams?

  1. Find Ariv on the Teams app store and add it to your Team - detailed getting started instructions can be found here.

  2. Configure and setup Ariv for your self and the Team - all your setup and configuration instructions are available here

How do I set up or configure Ariv for my Slack workspace?

You can configure the channels that Ariv has access to (/ariv-configure-channel) , as well as setup how you want to award β€œKarma” points for useful knowledge nuggets from team members (/ariv-karma-configure). These configurations affect all users in the workspace.

Once that's up and running, feel free to add some topics of interest (/ariv-interest-add) and schedule when you want to receive your daily digest (/ariv-notification-cycle). This setup is just for you, every user can set up their own preferences for interest and digest frequency.


Is Ariv only available in Slack?

Yes, at the moment Ariv for Slack is available in Beta. Ariv is also available for Microsoft Teams, if you are interested please register on the ariv site for access to Ariv for MS Teams.

Can Ariv fetch answers from an external Database/ source?

This feature is currently available in the form of a CSV file import for question answer pairs, we are working on a more robust integration with other knowledge bases and other sources of knowledge. If you want a specific integration with your Wiki or Knowledge base, please contact the ariv support team and we’ll try to fast track development for that integration -

How much will Ariv cost? What's the price?

While Ariv is in Beta, it will be completely free of charge. We just started to test and need more feedback to make Ariv really a helpful assistant for team communication. Early adopters will be assured of a significant discount on the Ariv pricing, once we go into general availability. For now, go ahead install Ariv and let us know what you think.

Will Ariv work for multiple Slack workspaces or Teams?

For now ariv can only work in the workspace that it is installed in or Teams that it is added to, we are looking into the best way to bring an integrated experience for users across workspaces and will keep our users posted on developments for this.

Which channels or conversations will Ariv monitor? Can I choose or exclude?

Yes the workspace or team admin and/or owner or the user who installs ariv can choose what channels Ariv will monitor. By default all public channels are connected to ariv at the time of installation. Ariv only reads messages from public channels, private channels and group chats are not accessed by Ariv.

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