Most of these commands are only accessible to workspace owners and administrators or the user who installed the Ariv app into the workspace. These commands are to be used to configure how Ariv behaves


This command is only accessible to workspace owners, administrators and the user who installed Ariv into the workspace.


Press enter after typing or selecting this command from the list, you will then see a pop up showing you the list of public channels that Ariv does not have access to. You can select (multi-select) is allowed in the drop down to choose additional channels that Ariv will sift through.

The default setting at the time of installation is to add Ariv to all Public channels in the workspace. If you wish to remove ariv from any channel, simply go to the channel settings and remove Ariv, like you would remove a team member.

/ariv-set-karma 🔒

Inceltivize the workspace team to add share knowledge by awarding "Karma" points to users whose responses are used by Ariv to answer questions asked by other colleagues. You can also give karma points to users who provide feedback on Ariv's responses.

Note: Karma points for answers are only awarded and recorded when the user asking Ariv a question provides feedback (👍 or👎) for an answer provided by Ariv. The user providing the feedback also gets Karma points. You decide how many points for this action.

If Ariv uses more than 1 user message to formulate a response to a question, all the users whose message(s) were used will receive points when the person asking the question provides a 👍 or 👎


Type or select the command from the list and in the pop up that appears, choose how many points you wish to award for contributing to the answer, and for providing feedback.

Importing FAQ's

For the moment we are restricting the import of question answer pairs into ariv to a CSV file import. This command is only available to workspace owners, administrators and the user who installed Ariv into the workspace.

The import of the CSV file is to be done with a direct message to Ariv, in the user + ariv channel only.

Just click on Ariv in the app list at the bottom left of the slack screen and type FAQImport

Then attach the CSV file to the message and press enter to send the message to Ariv. Here's a sample of the CSV file ⬇️ that can be used to upload FAQ's into Ariv

Ariv will analyse the file, to make sure it has relevant question answer pairs and the proceed to process the FAQ or reject the file. You will be notified in either case.

If the file is valid and you have no previous FAQ's the uploaded ones will be added to Ariv and be used to answer questions. Any question to Ariv will first be checked against the FAQ and if no relevant answer is found, then Ariv will search through the indexed public channel messages for an answer.

If you already had an FAQ and the file is valid, you will be asked if you wish to append the questions or replace the existing FAQ's. Make a choice to proceed with processing.

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